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Air Transport

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International Air Transport

Air transportation for high-value cargo, as well as general cargo, dangerous cargo, project cargo and oversized cargo.
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Service description

In South Express, we are experts in international air cargo transportation, connecting the most important global destinations. We are part of the prestigious World Freight Group agent network, which provides us with a solid network of strategic partners to expedite the transfer of your cargo from origin to destination airport.

Our service covers import and export through air transport, connecting key regions and countries such as China, Spain, United States, Panama, Mexico, Brazil, Colombia, Germany, Australia, among others. Both to and from Chile, we specialize in the transportation of various types of cargo, from general cargo to dangerous goods, project cargo and oversized cargo

Our operations adapt to the speed required by air shipments, guaranteeing meticulous coordination at each stage of the process, from departure to arrival of your shipment. We opt for fast and safe routes, specially designed for urgent or highly relevant products.

As a sign of our commitment to safety and efficiency in international air cargo import and export operations, we are accredited as an IATA agent.

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Importaciones y exportaciones
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